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Should you get Eyebrow Microblading done?

Yes, if you would like to experience the brows of your dreams!  When you get Microblading done, you will enjoy perfectly designed and shaped brows, and no maintenance!

Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow. They speak louder than words! It doesn't matter if you prefer your them arched, thin, thick, straight or bold-- they will always be an important feature of the face. If you're looking in the mirror right now and decide you're not satisfied with them, there are many ways to fix them. Sure, you can buy a brow pencil, but who wants to spend 20 minutes every morning trying to get them even? Are they too dark? Do they look drawn on? Don't worry ladies (and gentlemen), there is a breakthrough in the brow industry. It's called Microblading!


Microblading is a manual method of implanting strokes of pigment into the epidermis or outer layer of the skin to appear as real hair. Yes! I'm not joking- it looks like real hair. It is a very natural option for those who are looking to shape, fill in, correct or totally reconstruct lost eyebrow. Don't worry- we've all gone through that "over plucked" brow look. Microblading has become crazy  popular and is the most sought out service in the beauty industry, because it is truly changing lives! The beauty of Microblading is that the power is in the blade. You can do whatever design or shape you'd like, and it still comes out natural looking as Microblading mimics the appearance of real-life hair strokes.

Eyebrows might just be your most important facial feature. A beautiful set of microbladed brows can frame the entire face and direct all the attention exactly where you want it: your eyes.  

The difference between an eyebrow tattoo and microblading?  Eyebrow tattooing is a permanent procedure, which uses a machine to penetrate pigment deep into the skin. Microblading involves using a hand tool with nine or more tiny needles to create shallower cuts or scrapes on the skin and then letting pigment seep in. Microblading lasts only one to three years depending on your skin’s pigment retention.

With microblading the results are made to look super natural.

Whereas a permanent eyebrow tattoo is a thick, unnatural-looking solid 'block' of color, with a microblading needle there is so much more control over what is being done. The end result, is crisp, hairlike strokes for a flawless, natural look.

If you’re tired of filling in your brows every day, but you want the freedom to be able to change your look every few years, this procedure might be the perfect investment. And there’s an added bonus: After getting your eyebrows microbladed, you may find yourself putting all your makeup brushes down. Clients with fierce microbladed eyebrows often don’t feel the need to wear any additional makeup at all.  When your brows are groomed and perfected, you just have a more awake, polished look.

US Magazine, April 24th, 2017

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