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Microbladed Versus Tattooed Brows?

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Microblading is a process that was developed in Asia over 25 years ago and found recognition in the U.S. around 2016. Described as microblading, microfeathering, micro strokes, feather tattooing, hair stroking (and more), microblading has been growing and replacing tattooed brows at an exciting pace ever since.

The most important difference between microblading and tattooing is that microblading is semi-permanent whereas tattooing is permanent. Microblading penetrates the top two to three layers (epidermis) of the skin and lasts 1-3 years with color touch-ups, whereas tattooing penetrates 7-8 layers (dermis) of the skin and is permanent. And microblading will fade out in time (without color touch-ups) and tattooing requires color removal.

But the most obvious difference between microblading and tattooing is the final look. Where microblading provides a more natural, hair-stroke look, tattooing is more of a block or stamped, solid color look.

Microblading is probably one of the best new services to hit the beauty industry in many years. Not only is it inexpensive compared to other similar services, it has the ability to completely transform your face in a matter of hours with little to no maintenance.

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